Developing Slap Jack iOS Game

Slap Jack card game for the iPhone and iPadWhile Ukneeq Solutions is in the process of developing a more in-depth game it has been decided to also develop a basic slap jack game to go along with RatScrew. Slap Jack is a classic card game that has the same basic game play as Egyptian Rat Screw except you only slap on jacks. This makes it simpler and easier to know when to slap. This will also probably be easier for kids to get into and have fun.

Then if you master Slap Jack and want to challenge yourself then you can always purchase RatScrew and have a lot of fun. The game that is being developed will be called Basic Slap Jack and will hopefully be submitted to the iTunes App Store before the end of the week. Once the game is closer to completion it will have it’s own page on the site with full details. This game will also be free so everyone should download it that loves card games!

The other game that was previously mentioned will be developed at the same time. That game is expected to have a release date in June. It maybe sooner but there needs to be enough time to thoroughly polish the game and make sure to catch all the bugs during game play. This is a busy time for Ukneeq Solutions, so hopefully you will like what is being developed and really enjoy them.

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