iOS apps include apps made for the iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch devices. Apple has done a tremendous job with these devices and they are very popular in the mobile market. Ukneeq Solutions hopes to be able to tap into this market and provide quality games and apps that will take advantage of the platform and appeal to users.


  • RatScrew – Game based on Egyptian Ratscrew otherwise known as Egyptian War, Egyptian Rat War, ERS, Egyptian Rat Slap, and Slaps. It is a card game that relies on pattern recognition and fast reflexes.
  • Basic Slap Jack – The classic card game of Slap Jack brought to iOS devices. This is a card game that the whole family can get into because of it’s simplicity. Just look for the jack and slap!
  • Office Quadcopter (In Development)
  • Man in the Boat (In Development)
  • RadCat Racer (Development Paused)


Utility Apps

  • Password Crafter – Password Generator App
  • Password Crafter Lite – Same as Password Crafter but without the Phonetic option
  • Lotto Texas Helper (iPhone only) – Easily get the lastest drawing numbers and jackpot at your fingertip. You can even review past winning numbers. Have a favorite set of numbers? Lotto Texas Helper allows you to save them and have them readily available when you go to purchase your tickets. The Pro version has some basic statistics to help formulate your winning numbers. Also provided is a simulator you can use to generate your own quick picks or use just as pure entertainment.

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